Music Technology Policy

The Seattle Weekly’s Chris Kornelis has a thoughtful article today asking why artists came together to oppose the so-called Internet Radio Fairness Act but haven’t consistently been a united front against the unprecedented levels of online theft we’re all too familiar with (read “It’s Time for Artists to Fight Piracy as Vigorously as They’ve Challenged Pandora“).   This is actually a very insightful point because the alliterative piracy and Pandora are more connected than one might think.

Catching Up to the Google Propaganda Machine

Kornelis mentions David Lowery’s “Letter to Emily” which was almost universally received as a balanced and courteous discussion of the underpinnings of piracy as a culture and pointed out how successfully Big Tech has attempted to commoditize music and movies in order to sell hardware and Internet access.  Nowhere is this more prevalent than Google, which has built an entire litigation and lobbying…

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