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A Picture Speaks 1000 Words

The Los Angeles Times published yesterday a story about the USC-Annenberg Innovation Lab first monthly report on brand sponsored piracy–the purchase by major brands of advertising inventory located on pirate websites.  This is one of the ways, for example, that Megavideo became such a megamoney enterprise.  Page 8 paragraph 18 of the Megavideo indictment tells us:  “Originally, the Mega Conspiracy had contracted with companies such as AdBrite, Inc., Google AdSense, and PartyGaming plc for advertising. Currently, the Conspiracy’s own advertising website,, is used to set up advertising campaigns on all the Mega Sites.”

The study highlights the fundamental problem with the brand sponsored piracy–if you follow the money, big brands buy advertising that is served to users of pirate sites by a variety of means.  How the ad comes to be there is important, but following the money in this case is a lot easier than some…

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