Insightful analysis from Music Tech Policy on today’s New York Times Story “Playing Whac-a-Mole With Piracy Sites

Music Technology Policy

As some of you may know, I again will be moderating the Global Forum at Canadian Music Week this year.  They keynote speakers I will introduce will be Chris Ruen, author of Freeloading: How our insatiable hunger for free content starves creativity, and David Lowery, the founder of Cracker and Camper Van Beethovan and editor of The Trichordist.  The topic of the keynotes as well as the famous structured table discussions among the 200+ worldwide industry leaders will be brand sponsored piracy.

The New York Times coverage today of how brands sponsor piracy is timely, largely on target and will provide us with further supporting documentation for answering what I perceive to be one of the central questions in the corrupt “unholy alliance” among brands, ad agencies, ad networks, search engines and thieves:

If the brands don’t stop funneling money to sites they know are unauthorized, should artists…

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