We love Google. We really do. However it’s these kinds of practices that harm artists and creators that are very, very disappointing.

Music Technology Policy

Written by Chris Castle

[Editor Charlie sez: It was recently reported that Google has now received notices for over 10 million infringing links in search results–actually a low number given that Google receives 3 million notices a week for search alone–i.e., not counting Blogger or YouTube.  Before the anti-copyright crowd goes spinning into the ether that the volume of notices is somehow evidence of the orphan cause of action “copyright misuse”–Google acknowledges that 97% of these notices are properly sent.  “One Bad Apple” was first posted on 9/2/2011 after the COICA legislation caught Google’s attention and the company announced it was taking steps to protect the interests of artists because they really do care.  It was reposted on January 13, 2012–no change.  And as we all know–purity is a prophylactic against scrutiny.  Let’s see how much–if anything–has changed since January 13, 2012.  The answer?  Nothing.]

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