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Now here’s an interesting article in AdExchanger, a site apparently targeting the ad network trade.  (Lest we be accused of speaking of that which we do not have direct knowledge, it’s perhaps best to seek confirmation from a knowledgeable source.)  It is quite remarkable in the blitheness with which it acknowledges that big brands are funding pirates (or what used to be called “rogue sites,” if you remember that one).  To wit:

A big factor in play is that these categories [that is, the piracy categories] toward lead gen[eration] and other performance driven metrics. In other words, they’re inherently less focused on adjacency issues.

Ah, “adjacency issues.”  Of course.  Sounds so insignificant, doesn’t it?  What exactly would constitute focusing on “adjacency issues”?

“I would guess that the CMOs of many companies do not actually understand that they are appearing on some of these sites to the extent that they…

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