Ad Sponsored Piracy is a land grab by internet BUSINESSES to steal money from musicians, artists, photographers, authors and other creators. It’s about money.

Music Technology Policy

I’ve had enough questions lately about why I started focusing on brand sponsored piracy that I thought it important enough to give credit where it’s due.  It all started with this quotation from Professor Eric Goldman, commenting on the dip in Google’s stock price after the announcement that it had dodged a career-ending indictment for promoting the sale of illegal drugs when the Department of Justice allowed the company’s executives to pay a fine with $500,000,000 of the stockholders money.

The Google drug dealing case was followed by a still-ongoing shareholder lawsuit that named, among others, the entire Google board of directors and certain executives including Larry Page and Sheryl Sandberg.  Yes, that Sheryl Sandberg.

Shareholder Suite

Here’s Professor Goldman’s money quote, so to speak from the New York Times:

“Web companies can be held liable for advertising on their sites that breaks federal criminal law, and Google and…

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