The Return of IRFA: Million a Month Tim Charges On

Tim Westergren wants to take money away from musicians and give more to himself, wow… Follow. The. Money.

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In case you were wondering, as Tim Westergren’s crew prepares to reintroduce legislation to require the Congress to reduce artist royalties paid by SoundExchange, old “million a month” Tim continues to make bank on Pandora stock sales.  Pandora’s only product?  Music.

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One thought on “The Return of IRFA: Million a Month Tim Charges On

  1. Yes…they think musicians are idiots! Divide and conquer the artists. Reminiscent of the Pro-Piracy ad campaign recently generated by a clothing company. The reality is…without music Tim makes zilch! Why won’t he share the profits with the content providers? Why is the Chaffetz person helping him? Do you think Chaffetz is getting any $$$ out of this? I do.

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