Pandora hires Qorvis consultant (as in Lobbying firm for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) for “Grassroots” campaign.

Pandora has apparently hired Nancy Tarr , a self-described consultant for Qorvis Communications, to manage their grassroots artists outreach campaign.  (See her Linkedin profile here

If you are not aware, both Source Watch  and Wikipedia identify Qorvis Communications as a big Washington DC PR and Lobbying firm that has  such respectable clients such as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  (BTW how  do you ” PR manage” an adultery stoning?)  

We’re not sure if she’s behind the “sock puppet” comments we are getting in reply to the Pandora post but we are clearly getting an organized astroturf response.   Many of the comments we are getting contain the exact same language. D’oh!

Now just in case this is a Qorvis orchestrated campaign let us give you some basic advice on how to organize a corporate funded fake grassroots campaign:

Don’t have your folks cut and paste the exact same language into comments. Have them put the talking points in their own words.

By the way we are headed towards 1 million page views on this one post today alone.

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5 thoughts on “Pandora hires Qorvis consultant (as in Lobbying firm for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) for “Grassroots” campaign.

  1. David,
    Congratulations on a really good appearance on CNBC.
    As for what you suggest about content manipulation, I think there may be more to it. Gigamon appears not to be allowing musician-friendly comments on its Pink Floyd piece by Jeff John Roberts.
    FWIW, that article shows bias when the writer suggests that America “Subsidizes” musicians.

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