Did Google Finally Admit They Pay Criminals? Will Big Evil Show Us What’s Behind the Curtain?

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According to Searchengineland and Variety, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt tells us that he’s had enough of the DMCA notices, but with that extra special “Big Evil” spin:

Google’s Eric Schmidt says that the entertainment industry should focus on taking content pirates to court, rather than just trying to get Google (and other search engines) to remove pirate sites from search results.  [Schmidt says] “Our position is that somebody’s making money on this pirated content and it should be possible to identify those people and bring them to justice.

This latest dodge from Google’s Dodger in Chief is exceptionally absurd for a few reasons.  First,Schmidt is clearly trying to deflect, deflect, and then be sure you deflect attention away from Google and on to that bad guy behind the tree.  In Bulgaria.  Or China.  Or a Schmidt fav, North Korea.  Somewhere far away and difficult to prosecute.  And if someone…

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