YouTube Awards Tarnished by YouTube Hate Videos and Jihadi Recruitment

YouTube, Just Like Television? What network broadcasts hate and jihadi recruitment programing?

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Google has a lot of excuses for why they profit from piracy, but what is inexcusable is how YouTube profits from hate videos and war porn.  It is difficult to understand how Lady Gaga and other artists slated to perform on the “YouTube Music Awards” would be able to turn a blind eye to this evil, no matter the fee and no matter how much “promotion” a media giant like Google can bring to bear.

The Problem from Hell is Easily Solved

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What is difficult to understand about YouTube’s hate problem is how Google could just ignore it–particularly when these videos no doubt violate some policy that Google pays lip service to.  Fortunately, the Anti-Defamation League has compiled a list that Google could easily use to enforce violations of their dormant terms of service when it comes to hate speech.

I tried YouTube searches by picking a few names from…

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3 thoughts on “YouTube Awards Tarnished by YouTube Hate Videos and Jihadi Recruitment

    • Funny thing is though, we don’t see hate videos, beheadings and jihadi recuitment infomercials on broadcast and cable channels. So if YouTube/Internet is the next “broadcast” medium where is the oversight, standards and practices? Where is the FCC?

      • Not sure if this will get to you. You comments section seems to be closed for this entry, but I think there is an important point here. If you receive this, please let me know, even if it is to call me a fucking wack-job.


        I’m not saying that all of these things aren’t terrible. But:

        1) pretending that they are not there is not going to make them go away. In fact, the way to get rid of assholes is refute their arguments.

        2) If you look at the broadcast channels, you see a moribund, dying anachronism, one that deliberately views the world through blinders. Broadcast TV is basically useless.

        Where do you get your news? TV? The NY Times? Or do you sample a huge variety of sources online? We live in a golden age of journalism, and none of the gold is in the mainstream. When people like Scahill and Greenwald appear on TV, it’s really just an afterthought- sort of a pointless exercise that really seems more like a badge of legitimacy than any effort to really communicate.

        Please don’t interpret this as me not supporting your crusade to enforce copyright protections. I’d love to level a class action against companies that advertise on piracy websites. But I think speech (but not content) should be free.

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