#YTMA: YouTube Music Awards You’ll Never See: RU486, DIY Abortions, Steroids and Human Growth Hormone

Google paid a fine of $500,000,000 of the stockholders’ money to keep their senior management team from being indicted for violations of the Controlled Substances Act.  This fine followed a multi-year sting operation by the Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service and the Food and Drug Administration that proved that Google was complicit in the sale of a variety of prescription drugs without a prescription including the abortion drug RU486, steroids and Human Growth Hormone.

RU486 not only is a drug that requires a prescription, but it also is to be administered under a doctor’s supervision.  According to Planned Parenthood, the drug is intended for women who are pregnant (different than the “morning after” pill) and:

It is administered under the supervision of a physician with appropriate follow up to assure completion of the abortion.

It is not available from a pharmacy

And what might be the demographic of the audience that these drug dealers are trying to reach?  Remember–this is not some rogue site on the Internet, this is YouTube.  100% within Google’s control.

So here are some music videos that won’t be part of the YouTube Music Awards:

1.  Do You Need a Prescription for RU 486?

2.  DIY: Medical Abortion (another YouTube “how to” video to self-administer RU486)

3.  Easy At Home Abortions:  This one appears to be a pro-life video of a woman telling her story with captions linking to “a cheap and even safer way to abort”

4.  Buy Steroids Online

5.  Buy HGH: Where to Buy HGH?