6 thoughts on “#YTMA YouTube Music Video Awards You Never Saw: How to cook and shoot up crack and morphine

  1. Worthy Tangent — Before the Internet (remember before the Internet?) there were more fanzines — little magazines often created on the sly using the office copy machine. There used to be a fanzine that was pro-injectable drug. Of course one of their problems was that it was hard to keep editors on the staff because they kept dying, but let us move on…

    The fanzine ran a detailed article on how to shoot up. Why? Because they felt that a lot of female addicts wound up in abusive relationships with jerky guys that they could not leave because the guys knew how to shoot up and the women didn’t. By teaching the women how to shoot up on their own they could dump the asshole boyfriend. (I have a similar rant about why women should teach other women how to fix their own flats on their bicycles — once you know how you can go anywhere without relying on some dumb guy to help you out, but I digress…)

    Having said all that I promise to stop beating a dead horse… after I beat it one more time here. I agree that YouTube should drastically change the way it compensates musicians, but I have no complaint about videos on how to shoot up or join the Taliban — I still believe in the First Amendment, no matter how heinous the speech. I think it is a mistake to pursue this line of argument — your complaint is not with the junkies or even the Jihadists — it’s with the corporate folks and end users who don’t want to pay for something valuable as they should.

    OK? OK!


    • Google is a private company. Deleting videos is not infringing anyones speech. End. Stop. get the fuck over it. There is the entire rest of the internet for them to host heinous videos. Google doesn’t have to do it. Especially if they expect to attract major advertisers and be an alternative to TV.

      But they don’t stop there. They really cross the line when they monetize it with advertising. Check out all the neo nazi channels. Advertising steaming video advertising before a nice chorus of “kill the jews” It’s there. oftentimes there is even a content warning but you still get advertising.

      Wait so basically the shooting up videos are there to save women? you’re funny. keep making those insane arguments. Does not play well with advertisers and middle america.

  2. I am curious as to why you are posting these gross videos. What is your point? I mean, I hate Google too! I have great respect for your site and your mission. Did I miss an explanation somewhere?

    • YouTube would like us (and their advertisers that support them) that they are “just like television.” One can quickly see just how different YouTube actually is, as witnessed by the type of content that is allowed to be monetized by advertising.

      We don’t know why artists such as Lady Gaga, and major brands would want to support these policies and practices.

      • Thank you. I had a feeling that was what you were/are driving at. It’s amazing they allow stuff like that (which I will not watch) to be posted, yet block porn (which I don’t watch either) on “moral” grounds, I’m sure. Keep up the great work!

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