Beck on Spotify: “The Model Doesn’t Work. And the Quality Sucks.” | DMN

The model doesn’t work, so we have to come up with ways in which people can help us to make music for free, or at least for much less. But the current way isn’t working, something’s gotta give.

If I tried to make my albums with that Spotify pays me, I wouldn’t make them. I couldn’t hire other musicians or someone to master it; I’d have to do everything myself.

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3 thoughts on “Beck on Spotify: “The Model Doesn’t Work. And the Quality Sucks.” | DMN

  1. Ugh. I love Beck dearly, but major musicians need to stop making such ignorant statements about the sound quality of contemporary audio formats. It just doesn’t help their case:

    I’d also quibble that it’s not the “model” itself that’s necessarily the problem. It’s the payouts. There’s a significant difference there.

      1. Yeah, I know you guys are hip to it, David. I’m just talking about Beck’s remarks here.

        (Whom I do love, by the way. Seeing him in person was one of the best live music experiences of my entire life.)

        Oh well. We can’t all be right all the time. Thanks for the response. And I read your Music Streaming/Netflix article when it came out. It’s a good one.

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