Finnish pop musician earns mere pennies on Spotify | YLE

Finnish pop artiste Anssi Kela has gone public with his earnings from content streamed via the popular commercial music streaming service Spotify.Kela claims that on average he earns an underwhelming fraction of a cent for each song played via Spotify’s free service. The precise sum is 0.002 euros, or considerably less than one cent.

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One thought on “Finnish pop musician earns mere pennies on Spotify | YLE

  1. If the figures are correctly reported, he is getting between 0.2 and 0.4 euro cents per stream. At the current exchange rate of 1.36 dollars to the euro, that means he is getting between about a third and a half of a US cent per stream. For an artist signed to a record label, that doesn’t seem too bad, at least compared to other artists. Yet he is reported as saying ‘his own royalty returns are clearly below the industry average’, and speculates that ‘average compensation settles at around one-tenth of a cent’. So he seems to think he is actually getting less than one-tenth of a (euro) cent. I therefore think either the figures are wrong or he has got his decimal places muddled!

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