Shut Up and Sing: Goldiblox Shows Silicon Valley’s Latest Strategy to Intimidate Songwriters

More MUST READ info on this case regarding the unlicensed use of the Beastie Boys classic “Girls” as another Silicon Valley company attempts to suppress the rights of artists and creators.

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As MTP readers will know, part of Silicon Valley’s legal strategy for over a decade has been to twist the defense of “fair use” into an unrecognizable mass that has the same end result as all of the Valley Boys attacks on copyright–artists get nothing and Googlers can buy a $15 million soundproof love palace in Manhattan.  So naturally when the House Judiciary Committee has announced the Chairman’s intention to hold hearings to review the affirmative defense of “fair use”, it would be to the advantage of tech companies to silence any artists or songwriters who would offer a competing view.

Because as we know–everything’s a remix, right?  And if you review the requirements for copyright protection, originality–however small–is generally thought of as a constitutional requirement outside of Silicon Valley.  So if you wanted to undermine copyright in public opinion and you didn’t think you’d have the votes to…

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