Goldieblox Pulls Beasties Video and Other YouTube Debacles

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For whatever reason–one can never rule out doing the right thing, even with a Stanford grad–Goldiblox has taken their rip off commercial…sorry, remix commercial…no, no, parody video, yes that’s the ticket–apparently the Goldiblox parody video has been taken “private” on YouTube.  There’s also a new Goldieblox video without the Beasties up on Google’s monopoly video search platform, so let’s see how that one does.

The real question is whether Goldieblox’s lawyers will also withdraw the “waiter, there might be a fly in my soup” declaratory relief action they filed against the Beasties and their producer despite a distinctly ephemeral basis, a “justiciable issue” as they say.  (And of course the most important question of all for the lawyers is whether the Court decides to sanction them for wasting the Court’s time with an idiotic PR stunt, but that’s unlikely to happen however richly deserved I may find it to…

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