GoldieBlox Dismisses Case Against Universal, Warms to Task of Destroying Artists

If you don’t think Google is aggressively anti-artists… read this.

Music Technology Policy

By Chris Castle

Now that those pesky Orrick lawyers have been replaced by Google darlings Durie Tangri in the GoldieBlox case regarding the use of Beastie Boys in a YouTube viral commercial for GoldieBlox, a new strategy may be emerging.    According to a court filing, Durie Tangri is now in the driver’s seat and have voluntarily dismissed the corporations to get the case down to suing the people they really seem to specialize in litigating against: artists.  (Read a good synopsis of the case in Spin (“Shady Toymaker Attempts to Run and Hide from Beastie Boys Lawsuit“) or Vulture (“Ask A Lawyer: GoldieBlox v. Beastie Boys“).

Yes, GoldieBlox–that gutty little startup with big time legal representation–unilaterally dismissed their claims against Island Def Jam, Sony/ATV and Universal Music Publishing.  Yes, get the deep pockets out of there and quickly before they answer the strange declaratory…

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