FCC Shelves Pandora’s Bid For South Dakota Radio Station | Billboard

In a setback to its music licensing plans, Pandora has received word from the FCC that for the time being it is no longer processing its application to transfer ownership of the broadcasting license for KXMZ, the Rapid City, South Dakota radio station it acquired last June. Pandora had hoped to take advantage of the lower rates that internet streaming services owned by terrestrial radio stations enjoy.


One thought on “FCC Shelves Pandora’s Bid For South Dakota Radio Station | Billboard

  1. You are right to be tough on Pandora, but — and this goes back to a post from a few days ago — I would say Spotify is just as bad. Why? The problem with Spotify is that 1.) it cannibalises what remains of actual download/cd/etc. sales, and 2.) worse, many of the people who use Spotify are in fact the honest ones who would have bought a recording otherwise, but because Spotify is a legal option (unlike the Pirate Bay or YouTube) people think they have done the right thing and are supporting the artist, unaware of the piss-poor serfdom rate — barely better than free, to be honest — that the artists are getting. This is why it has been good that so many artists spoke out in 2013 saying that Spotify as it stands is not a sustainable option for anyone except its CEO.

    And I’ll bet you a good bottle of Pinot that piracy could disappear overnight and Spotify’s compensation to artists would change marginally at best. “Oh, but people are USED to these rates now, we can’t charge more, blablabla…”

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