MTP Monthly is Coming Tomorrow with Exclusive Interview with @theblakemorgan on I Respect campaign and more

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Our friend Blake Morgan (@theblakemorgan on Twitter) has started a movement with his Huffington Post article Art and Music Are Professions Worth Fighting for.

Given the 40,000 or so likes the HuffPo piece got, Blake has taken it to the next level and offered the “#IRespectMusic” hashtag on Twitter, which has brought a huge turnout, including Sir Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell:

patrick stewart

In an exclusive interview, Blake tells us about his inspiration for the campaign to help get a performance royalty for artists–the Artist Pay for Radio Play campaign.  A fascinating exclusive in MTP Monthly.  It’s free to subscribe in the sign up box on

We’ll also have a reprint of Blake’s HuffPo post and my story about how Google demoted Rap Genius.

Sign up for all the goods on #IRespectMusic and the first edition of our 5th year of operating the newsletter starting tomorrow!

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