U2 Manager Paul McGuinness on Artists Rights and Piracy

What needs to be done is simple, take the sites down and keep them down. If the pirates can manage to replace their sites instantly with legions of bots, Google, with their brilliant algorithm engineers can counter it.

We need the technology giants like Google to do the things that labels, the publishers, the artists, the writers repeatedly ask them to do. They need to show corporate and social responsibility. Take down the illegal sites, keep them down and clear the way for the legal digital distributers like iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, the new Jimmy Iovine Beats service, which promises to be a very serious competitor. Those services now exist, it is no longer acceptable to say that the music industry is not available, not making its wares available online.

We’re all aware in this room that subscription is now replacing downloading — legal or illegal — but we do need those mega corporations to make a genuine effort to cooperate and feed the industry that has been so good to them.



U2 Exploited by United Airlines, Jet Blue, HP, State Farm, Westin, Urban Outfitters, Sprint, AT&T, Amazon, Disney Resorts, Crate and Barrel


2 thoughts on “U2 Manager Paul McGuinness on Artists Rights and Piracy

    someone is on this,,,for years this has been going on,,,its hard to make a living play music,,thats if you can at all,,,,I have been in it almost for my whole life,,made some money but no long term pay back,,while others use my prophile for they benefit,,even videos with out my aprovel,,,ya,,i cant spell to good,,but my bass playing seems to be of use for them!!
    everyone has to get on this ,,and NOW!!,,thanks steve c,,,,,,,j v jr

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