DMCA : The Top 10 Stories on the Must Read List (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

This week congress will hear testimony on the DMCA as part of it’s on going review of the Copyright Act.

Here’s 10 essential posts and articles to read to understand the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Google Receives Its 100 Millionth Piracy Notice. Nothing Changes… | DMN

Safe Harbor Not Loophole: Five Things We Could Do Right Now to Make the DMCA Notice and Takedown Work Better | Trichordist

Is this really what Congress had in mind when it created the DMCA? | Vox Indie

The DMCA is not an Alibi: The Googlization of Art and Artists  | MTP

The DMCA is Broken… | Trichordist

How DMCA Abuse Hurts Content Creators | Vox Indie

Copyright Erosion: How DMCA Misuse Became A Multimillion Dollar Shakedown and Income Transfer | MTP

Is it Time to Repair the DMCA? | Plagiarism Today

The Failure of the DMCA Notice and Takedown System | CPIP

The DMCA License? | AIMP

2 thoughts on “DMCA : The Top 10 Stories on the Must Read List (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

  1. For too long artists have been deprived of an effective mechanism to have their work removed from infringing sites. This needs to end. Stop punishing people for trying to earn a living from their work and eliminate this unfair loophole for profiteers.

  2. Very good overview.
    Just to let you know. Less than 10% of file hosting services are registered at the US Copyright Office. We checked 600 file hosters and 40 were registered.
    Most of them with either fake addresses or straw men as designated agent.
    So this is a big fake. Less than 10 have reasonable data in the registration.

    All services tried to get protected by DMCA safe harbor. They all have big sections on their websites with tons of text. But it is all fake.
    An absurd situation.

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