Susan Wojcicki’s YouTube targets teens and pre-teens–and it’s a total #FAIL


According to The Information:

YouTube is reaching out to video producers to gauge their interest in producing child-oriented content. The product isn’t close to being launched, though, and many aspects of the strategy remain in flux. It’s unclear, for example, whether Google is willing to pay cash advances to video creators to make high-quality kids programming or encourage producers to build paid-subscription services.

The project comes amid a management transition at YouTube that could cause delays. Longtime Google executive Susan Wojcicki recently took over YouTube, which has seen strong growth overall in recent years but has proven a disappointment for professional video creators who had hoped to see much higher advertising rates.

You don’t have to look far to find people in the music business who view YouTube as the tar baby–extraordinary staff costs dealing with the ludicrously porous ContentID system that most view as a ruse that Google…

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