Did Google Flacks Use A Journalist’s Glass to Try Censoring the News?

Well… look at this…

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Matt Labash is one of the great journalists writing today.  His extraordinarily insightful piece, Through A Google Glass, Darkly is yet another example of why the guy should write a longread.  (You know, a book.)

Labash documents his initial experience with Google Glass as a “Glass Explorer” and it is both funny and sad which of course makes the funny parts even funnier and the insightful parts even more meaningful, kind of like Studs Terkel meets H.L. Mencken in a movie based on a William Gibson novel directed by Stanley Kubrick.

But–and no MTP reader will be surprised by this–the part of Labash’s piece that really caught my eye was this encounter with a Google flack:

Weirdly, my own trust rating already seems to have taken a hit with Google. In the middle of reporting this piece, I get an unsolicited email from Chris Dale, who heads Glass’s communications…

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3 thoughts on “Did Google Flacks Use A Journalist’s Glass to Try Censoring the News?

  1. My favorite line in the article is “It’d be a shame to violate their privacy while they’re learning how to violate everyone else’s.” I was also wondering though, just what defines “homeless” since a ”homeless guy named Mark Parker” has a blog?

  2. Besides not liking the idea of someone wearing glasses and driving around while watching things on them or looking things up online this is just another reason not to buy them which I won’t and I wouldn’t wear them if they were given to me for free. How plugged in do you really need to be? I don’t even have a smart phone, just a basic cell phone and I feel just fine about myself.

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