Would You Walk 400 Miles to the Googleplex to Protest Streaming Royalties?


Music Technology Policy

Any artist or songwriter who watched Pandora executives enrich themselves and then wring their hands about artist and songwriter royalties has probably wondered what can I do about it?  Anyone who has watched YouTube scam their way into existence hiding behind a “catch me if you can [afford it]” interpretation of the DMCA and then condescend to artists and songwriters has probably wondered how can I stop Google?  Particularly after establishing its monopoly power and using it to try to intimidate indie labels?  As The Street astutely observed:

Pandora claimed it wanted to create a musician’s middle class. However it has done very little to support those words with actions. If a musician’s middle class exists as a result of Pandora’s efforts, it must be out of sight and out of mind, sweeping floors in the mansions of Pandora’s filthy rich executives. Or maybe they’re doing construction…

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