Chris Harrison: Please Explain Why Pandora Has No Respect For Aretha Franklin?


Songwriter Enemy #1 is also Performer Enemy #1?


Hello Chris:

Now I’m not 100% positive that you were the person at Pandora that made the decision not to pay royalties on pre-1972 master recordings, but given your history of screwing songwriters (multiple lawsuits, ASCAP, BMI, DMX legal trickery etc etc) it seems like the requisite set of skills required to repeatedly screw songwriters is the same set of skills required to screw performers.  So it seems likely it was you. But if in fact you weren’t in charge of this moral outrage I’m sure you were at the meeting. After all looks like you are in charge of Pandora’s legal team that will be defending this decision. And who better to explain this to the public. You seem eloquent.  You wrote this persuasive article for The Hill where you nearly had lawmakers and investors convinced you had actually purchased a terrestrial radio station (minus the actual broadcast license oops!).

So give it a shot.  What could possibly be Pandora’s moral and ethical rationale for not paying these performers while other internet radio stations and streaming services appear to pay these performers?  Please explain it to us. Why doesn’t Pandora R E S P E C T Aretha Franklin?

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