Is the QuickHitz Format the Sweeney Todd of Radio? The Incomparable @JannArden Stands Up for Artist Rights

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Jann Arden has made some of the best records of the last 20 years and is a Canadian treasure.  I first heard her when she was signed to A&M Records and have been a fan ever since.  So when Jann speaks up about music, I’m all ears.

Jann is speaking up about the latest attack on artist rights:  The “QuickHitz” radio format that chops up records.

According to the QuickHitz website:

QuickHitz is a game-changing mass appeal music format built especially for the needs and lifestyle of today’s multitasking, attention challenged listeners. Imagine more music per hour than any other radio station ever!  QuickHitz is a break-out alternative to Top 40 radio that immediately repositions the competition with a fresh approach to music discovery and all the interactivity of Social Media. Quite literally, QuickHitz is “twice the music in half the time.”

“Twice the music in half the time”.  “How…

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