@jannarden is Banned on Newcap Stations Through Patented QuickHitz Infringement Machine

Music Technology Policy

As you know, Canadian artist Jann Aden spoke out against the vile “QuickHitz” radio format that cuts songs in half to sell more advertising.  Jann singled out the AMP radio station in Calgary, which is one of 100 or so stations owned by the Newcap Radio chain in Canada.  Jann indicated in a slightly obscure tweet last week that she’d been banned from the station by “Steve Jones”.

I find it hard to believe that jocks on a station would actually believe that slicing and dicing songs without artist consent was a good idea.  But radio is a tough business and I don’t blame them for wanting to keep their jobs.  However, this is exactly the kind of market power abuse we expect from the National Association of Broadcasters (who at the moment strives to keep the U.S. government’s boot on the throats of songwriters.  Why?  Because “this…

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