The Hypocrisy Of BitTorrent Knows No Bounds… Matt Mason Speaks…

BitTorrent’s Matt Mason let this one loose…

““We’re not interested in streaming for the sake of lining the pockets of a few people at major labels. We’re interested in helping artists make money from their work in the long term… I’m not trying to bash the people at the labels, but it does seem like the senior executives at the majors have said ‘we give up, let’s just make some money on the Spotify IPO, then go home and let the next generation sort it out’.”

You’re kidding right? We can’t make this up. As if BitTorrent has done anything other than destroy the lives of creators to have a self empowered right to make their own choices with their own work… So in your mind Matt, BitTorrent are the good guys and Spotify are the bad guys?

What percentage of music is Spotify distributing illegally? What percentage of music on Spotify are artist not getting paid on? Ok, now ask the same questions of BitTorrent.  Research finds that 99%+ of files distrbuted via BitTorrent are infringing (see the links below).

Wow, just wow.

And there’s this line from Matt’s interview with the Guardian UK:

“We’re a technology company, we’re really good at moving files. We’re not so great at being a label, a film studio or a book publisher.”

We know Matt because being a label, a film studio or a book publisher would mean you would actually pay the creators for the work you are distributing and investing in developing their careers through financial advances, marketing, promotion, pr, and other resources. Obviously things BitTorrent is loath to do for artists.

But let’s ask, how much money has BitTorrent invested into developing artists and helping them “make money from their work in the long term”… ah, that would be zero.



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