Goliath Never Learns: Breaking: Sirius Appeals and Turtles Sue Pandora on Pre-72

Music Technology Policy

A quick note to point out that as we predicted, Sirius has announced they are appealing the ruling against them in the Turtles case–which may not put off the damages phase of the trial.  This was to be expected.

In even better news, The Turtles are now pursuing Pandora on the band’s pre72 recordings.   Eriq Gardner at the Hollywood reporter has the story:

Represented by Harvey Geller and Henry Gradstein at Gradstein & Marzano, the duo filed a proposed class action lawsuit on Thursday.

“Pandora understands that having a vast range and array of music is critical to the success of any music service which is why pre-1972 recordings constitute a significant part of the Music Service,” says the lawsuit. “Pandora offers and advertises stations dedicated to pre-1972 recordings, such as ’50s Rock n’ Roll,’ ’60s Oldies,’ ‘Motown,’ ‘Doo-Wop, ’70s Folk,’ ‘Early Jazz,’ ‘Standards,’ ‘Classic Soul,’ ‘Jam Bands,’…

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