Is Google still serving ads on illegal sites?

I searched a website during my panel at Columbia Law School. It’s a website that is well known for infringing content. I also captured the source code. There is code on this website that shows this site is expecting advertising from parts of Google’s Advertising ecosystem. I have reason to believe this site and advertising code will shortly disappear. II post these screenshots here to preserve the evidence.  (redirectes to  by Google’s own DMCA Transparency Report ranks this site as #3 in the number of takedown notices received.





Here is website.





“served” source code clearly showing the website is expecting “ads by google” to be served into this page.  It also displays some sort of publisher ID which would presumably identify this website to the Google Ad servers.





A second block of code farther down the page which also seems to be waiting for google ads to be served.  Again note the publisher ID.