MERLIN “Pandola” Secret Deal Violates WIN Fair Trade Principles

What is the point of “secret” deals like MERLIN’s “Pandola” pay-to-play deal with Pandora Radio?   I mean the terms are not secret to the label that signs the deal right?   And the terms are not secret to Pandora Radio right?   So who is not in on this secret?



I don’t care if you are an “independent” label. If you make secret deals involving artists recordings that’s sleazy.

Doesn’t this violate spirit and  principles of WIN Fair Trade Principles:

We wholly disapprove of certain practices which leave artists under-recompensed and under- informed in the digital marketplace and will work together with the artist community to counter these practices.

We saw this from MERLIN with the Spotify deal as well.  No one knows what equity and other terms the indie labels got from Spotify.  Here is Charles Caldas talking to a “reporter” (that later turns out to be a Spotify employee) about Spotify.  The reporter has received “leaked” documents from “someone”  that shows Spotify payments.  Caldas clearly knows the details. But Caldas is criticizing artists like myself for being misinformed. Well, yeah cause Caldas cut secret deals with Spotify.  It’s like 1984 here.