Anil Prasad VS Spotify : Public Debate Challenge ( @innerviews vs. @eldsjal / @spotify )

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Anil Prasad
Yesterday at 11:22am
I just challenged Daniel Ek and Team Spotify on Twitter to debate me in a public forum on their policies. Let’s see what comes of it. The truth is, probably nothing, because I am incapable of being bought and sold by any industry association. However, I’m making the attempt. Someone should bluntly ask the hard questions without handlers, message massaging or publicists. If you want a chance of this happening send him a tweet yourself at: @eldsjal (Daniel Ek)


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One thought on “Anil Prasad VS Spotify : Public Debate Challenge ( @innerviews vs. @eldsjal / @spotify )

  1. Please make sure your questions include more than recording performance royalites; include publishing payments and PRO payments. The focus seems to center just on the recording performance royalties artists “earn,” once/if their labels pay them. But Spotify artists earn some money from publishing and PROs if they’re also songwriters. We can’t forget that part. Otherwise, it’s an incomplete picture.

    Rock on.

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