Spotify Top 10 Territories : Global Revenue Marketshare & Streaming Percentages

The Top 10 territories account for 87.10% of all streams and 91.48% of all revenue. So all revenue outside of the Top 10 is less than 9% of global revenues. So if you’re streaming your music outside of the Top 10 territories, you are more or less giving your music away.


Here’s the summed, net averaged per play rate for the top ten territories.


Below the top ten territories are isolated (and the market share recalculated).

The data would seem to suggest that savvy artists and labels avoid the territories where the number of streams far exceeds the percentage of revenue (the red boxes).


Data set provided by US based indie label with 800 songs. Data is summed from sales and reports dated Sept 2011 – Aug 2014. This is what Spotify really looks like to most artists and indie labels.

2 thoughts on “Spotify Top 10 Territories : Global Revenue Marketshare & Streaming Percentages

  1. Great graphs. I’ll have to take some time to see them in detail. How do you get this data?

    And it is true, I’ve got a lot a few thouthand plays from Hungary lately and it didn’t even made 1 dolar. But I’m happy because people are listening and enjoying (I hope). We can’t be like youtube here and block people because of where they are connected hehe.

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