Courtesy of the Pirate Party: Lessig tells "Hollywood" to "get over it" and accept unauthorized downloading–will Kagan distance herself?

This is Larry Lessig and what he thinks of hard working creative professionals trying to make a living in the arts, “Get Over It”…

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I’m sure that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is very smart, very well qualified and is going to get confirmed. However, I distinctly remember being told that the Obama campaign gave assurances to many in the copyright community that as President, then-Senator Obama would not choose a radical approach to copyright. It is my understanding that Lessig’s self-professed influence with Barack Obama was a topic that was specifically discussed and was rejected by the campaign.

Now it is a free country and no one can stop anyone else from saying something nice about them. But when the person who is saying something nice is in the radical fringe it might be a good idea to make clear exactly what your association with them is and whether you support their views. Particularly when your endorser describes himself as a “copyfighter”.

Lawrence Lessig is one of…

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