Google May Continue Driving Traffic To Pirate Sites After DMCA Notices by Using Its Google Alerts Product

Google’s ploy to get around 345 million shakedown notices

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Searchenginewatch reports that Google received 345 million takedown notices during 2014 for search results alone–i.e, not including YouTube, Blogger or other Google properties–and it also doesn’t count the links that Google repackages and sends out through Google Alerts.

If you’ve been following the daily updates in the Google Transparency Report, this 345 million number will come as no surprise, as Google has been clocking about 30 million notices a month for a while now (currently even higher at 36 million for the last 30 days).  But what about the links to pirate content that Google delivers to your inbox daily through Google Alerts along with social media links so you can “share” those links to others through Google+, Facebook and Twitter?

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Why so many DMCA notices?  Google would like you to believe that the high number of DMCA notices is due to aggressive tactics by copyright owners.  The truth…

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