Coincidence, or Did Mississippians Just Tell @agjimhood to Go For It in His Investigation of Google?

Strange goings on in Mississippi…

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Mississippi Attorney General at February 5 Main Justice News Conference Announcing Standard & Poors Multi-state and Federal Settlement

As noted in my post about the history of Mississippi House Bill 1201, a Mississippi lawmaker in Mississippi’s House of Representatives decided to put to a vote whether Mississippi’s attorney general should have the ability to bring actions all by himself (and by extension, conduct investigations in order to determine whether an action is appropriate).  In other words, to do what the people elect attorneys general to do in large part.

There is one particular investigation that is in the news in Mississippi right now–Attorney General Jim Hood’s investigation into Google’s business practices.  I don’t know the history here, but I have to say that it is pretty dang coincidental that Hood is investigating Google and then up pops a bill in the Mississippi legislature that could stop Hood from bringing his case…

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