Judge Wingate to Rule on Whether Federal Government Protects Google or States Protect Consumers

The latest on Google’s lawsuit to stop states from investigating…Google. Imagine if this was Enron or Pandora!

Music Technology Policy

Right on cue, Jeff John Roberts gave his usual Googley spin to Mississippi’s scrappy Attorney General Jim Hood’s investigation into Google: Google and Mississippi meet in court over secret MPAA lobbying.  Roberts story first posted almost on the dot of the commencement of the hearing today in Judge Wingate’s courtroom in Jackson, Mississippi.  Like most of Roberts’ “reporting” on anything relating to the music or movie business, you can get a good idea of where Google is at just by reading the headline.  No need to suffer through the Satanic idolatry he wraps around the MPAA and the RIAA who vie for status as the Great Satan.  1999 called and wants its anti-artist rhetoric back.  As we know, Lars was right.

So sure enough, Google launched their attack on Hood largely based largely on documents stolen in North Korea’s hack of Sony Pictures.  Try as they might, Google is not…

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