Live From YouTubeistan Delivered Straight To Your Living Room

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When moms in Middle America let Little Johnny use YouTube in his room of an evening, do you think it ever occurs to them that Little Johnny is watching radical jihadi recruiting videos?  When moms hear about jihadis using “social media” to radicalize new followers, do you think the moms think that means it’s coming into their house? Ah, but it is.  Thanks to YouTubeistan–the digital library of jihadi videos readily available on YouTube, the jihad will be monetized.  And which videos will be made available is apparently totally arbitrary, contradictory and trends toward making these videos available.  They do draw millions of views, after all. Two days ago we spotted a YouTube video courtesy of the Long War Journal which evidently was taken down within hours of the MTP blog post.  This is what I wrote:

According to Long War Journal: [T]he media wing of al Qaeda in…

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