These Charts Show Why The US Government Should Stop Setting Prices For Songs and Recordings

The consent decree has destroyed the value of the song. Numbers don’t lie. Well in this case relative percentages…

The Trichordist

First I bet you didn’t know that US Government sets the prices for many uses of songs and recordings?  What? Are you telling me that in 2015 there is not a technologically feasible way to let the free market set the price of songs and recordings for broadcast, webcasting and streaming?   Bat-shit crazy ain’t it?

Well if you consider that some of the largest most politically powerful corporations benefit from this process it makes a little more sense.  I’ll name just two: Clear Channel and Google. Pay to play government at its finest.

Before you accuse me of pie-ism (arguing over who gets how much songwriters or performers get of the paltry and shrinking pie) I am not. I’m simply pointing out how irrational it is to have the government setting prices in this day and age.   It is not even clear that the process is constitutional as much…

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