Why Some Mangers and Agents Love Streaming and Piracy.

We thought you might be interested in this little story we ran last year. Seems like it’s more right on than we could ever imagine. News coming shortly….

The Trichordist

Seems like every six months or so I have friends  forward me an article or interview with a manager or agent extolling the virtues of streaming (and sometimes even piracy.)  Usually this comes with some note that reads something like this “Agent/Manager  X thinks streaming/piracy is a good thing, Why don’t you?”  I am always  perplexed by this.   Of course some managers and agents love streaming and piracy! Less revenue from recorded music means their artists must play more and more live shows to make up the difference.  I thought everyone knew this.

You see managers and agents make virtually all their money from an artist’s live performance not from the artist’s recorded music.    However screwed up it might seem from an artist’s perspective it makes perfect financial sense (at least in the short term) for managers and agents to turn a blind eye to piracy and low…

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One thought on “Why Some Mangers and Agents Love Streaming and Piracy.

  1. I also think part of the manager comments on piracy that seem ambivalent is due to the tech bloggers who make personal attacks on anyone of any note who makes any public anti-piracy statements. They do this to protect their $250m ad business that pushes ads to pirate bay, BitTorrent and vuze, etc. then they get their minions to link to these stories on Reddit, etc. Google then features these stories prominently in searches on the band associated with the manager. The manager gains little by making a statement against piracy only to drive negative press to their artist with little actual value accomplished for artists rights.

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