Pandora Execs Will Have Received Nearly 1/2 Billion Dollar in “Stock Compensation” By End of 2015

Dude, where is my America? Pandora is Crony Capitalism completely dependent on the DOJ to force rates artificially lower.

The Trichordist

While Pandora is busy in court suing BMI songwriters for lower rates we thought you’d like to read this guest comment from George Johnson.

“The past 3 years, according to the SEC, Pandora executives and investors extracted over $360 million dollars in “stock compensation”. This new $122 million dollar gravy train for 2015 will put Pandora executives at almost $500 million dollars for themselves in 4 short years while they plead poverty to Congress, Judge Stanton, Judge Cote, and the Copyright Royalty Board. (Ed note: New information suggests it’s closer to $550 million.)

Not bad for a guy who thought of the entire idea for Pandora while “tripping on psychedelic mushrooms”. — see Washington Post in 2013.

It’s time for the SEC, DOJ, or Congress to shut down Pandora with a temporary injunction and have these executives PAYBACK these hundreds of millions of stolen royalty money to songwriters, music…

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