Charles Caldas (MERLIN) Praises Napster, Piracy and Promises to Reform His 1990s Rap Metal Band

Ha Ha. Okay Charles Caldas was never in a Rap Metal band.  As far as we know of anyway. So maybe this was all a joke. Maybe the Spotify house party was actually a 1999 theme party. It’s entirely possible he could have been in character and we got this out of context.   But we think not.  We didn’t see many folks dressed in black cargo shorts nor was their a tribute to Limp Bizkit on stage.

For all you independent labels who are “represented” by MERLIN  and don’t know what I’m talking about?  At the Spotify house party at SXSW Caldas  helpfully compared free Spotify to the original Napster.  He said:

“The major labels screwed Napster and screwed the market by killing what was potentially the biggest opportunity the industry could imagine in getting into the digital space early. If they follow through with this (moving Spotify from free to paid subscription), they are going to do it again”.

Yeah that’s right Chuck,  Napster which paid zero revenues to artists and songwriters was such a great “opportunity.”  Well that’s not fair, it was a great opportunity for the Multi-Billionaire Sean Parker.   Not so much for the little people.

Who’s side is MERLIN on?  Shouldn’t we independent artists and  labels be represented by someone who isn’t so obviously a fawning sycophant for Spotify?



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