#howgooglegateworks: Will @senmikelee Investigate Washington Insider Beth Wilkinson for Her Role in the FTC’s Noninvestigation of Google?

The FTC can regulate songwriters but not Google?

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The Googlegate Mascot

One of the historical facts that may (or ought to) come up in Senator Mike Lee’s corruption investigation of Google and the Federal Trade Commission is the FTC’s hiring of Washington insider Beth Wilkinson.  Ms. Wilkinson was hired to oversee the FTC’s Google investigation on April 26, 2012, four months before the internal FTC report recommending prosecution as reported by Brody Mullins at the Wall Street Journal.  Beth Wilkinson has several dots that connect her to various players in the Googlegate corruption probe.

Why Was Ms. Wilkinson Hired?  The threshold question is why did the FTC need to bring in an outside lawyer to manage the Google investigation?  Has the FTC done this before?  (Not that I can find.)  Why did they do it this time?  Why did they hire Ms. Wilkinson and who else did they consider for the post (if anyone)?  How…

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