Attention Bands and Bloggers: Link to Your Local Indie Retailers and Be Good to Them When It’s NOT Record Store Day


Music Technology Policy

There’s an inclination on the part of bands and bloggers to use links to Amazon or Apple for fans to buy your records.  Here’s a thought:  Try linking to someone who gives a shit whether you suck air and who doesn’t spend tens of millions of dollars trying to fuck you in Washington?  Think that might be a better idea long term?  (And as we’re seeing play out in Canada, not just Washington, but Ottawa, London, Brussels and indeed around the world.)

I link it to Waterloo Records, my local indie record store which has a good online ordering operation.  I bet you have an indie record store, too.  Why don’t you link to them on your website?  When was the last time you did an in-store at Amazon?

And if you don’t have an indie store in your area, feel free to use Waterloo.  Texas wants you anyway.  But…

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