Innovation: Did Google Just Launch a New Astroturf Organization Made Out of Own Astroturf Orgs?

A new astroturf organization called the Recreate Coalition just launched in Washington DC.   Here’s the press release!


But wait you should be really excited because this is essentially an astroturf organization created out of other Google connected astroturf lobbying organizations. Almost all located within a few blocks of each other!  Now that is innovation!  While Apple is still stupidly producing iPhones and increasing net profit 33% a year,  Google is running circles around Apple by creating new ways to pretend like they are NOT influencing anyone in Washington DC.  You know kind of like how they were “hands off” in the Net Neutrality debate.**

EFF?  CCIA? CEA? CDT? MDF*? Public Knowledge?   Are we getting the band back together?  Is this a reunion tour?  Well maybe not,  ’cause the ALA isn’t a Google astroturf organization (yet), but then again they also receive  substantial funding and support from Google.

Hmm… so maybe this is more like a 80’s supergroup.  Some old tired-assed DC lobbyists plus some slightly younger librarians.  Brilliant! Green light that shit! We need a name!  Let’s see Asia is taken…  The Traveling Wilburys taken…Mississippi Google Amicus Brief? too obscure… Why don’t we call it!  Cause you know it’s just something new made out of leftovers.  (Go ahead it’s safe to click on that link.)

Here is how you can tell if I’m right, that this is simply Google astroturf squared.   If this new coalition advocates anything that is somehow substantially different from what these organizations and Google haven’t already advocated then I’m wrong.  And If so I will personally come to your house and wash your car if you are the first prove I’m wrong.

But you know I’m not wrong.  You know I won’t be washing any cars.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.27.12 PM

Recreate Coalition’s “Diverse Group”

*MDF.  Media Democracy Fund is the sugar daddy of the “grassroots” Fight For The Future which fought for net neutrality and against SOPA. And I do mean sugar daddy cause they’ve funded them to the tune of millions of dollars (between SOPA and NN). They have to be FFF’s main donor. HTF is that grassroots?   But look at MMF  list of grants again and look at the Google Policy Fellowship list (now and over the years) and tell me with a straight face that they are not somehow part of the Google un-Lobby™ network.

**Seriously?  You think Google were hands off? C’mon guys…I’ve got some swampland to sell you.   Look I’m Net Neutrality agnostic.  It’s a well intentioned idea. I’m definitely for the idea behind net neutrality. Depending on how it’s implemented it might be a good law. But another law, the law of unintended consequences comes to mind.  That’s all I’ll say.

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