#howgoogleworks: Must Read Buzzfeed Story on Google’s Sleazy Relationship with FTC

Imagine if this were the Copyright Office?

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A must read Buzzfeed article gives you one of those rare insights into how Google actually works at the highest levels of government with merely the flick of an email at a huge Federal bureaucracy–the Federal Trade Commission.  Remember them?  The FTC are the ones that punted on their antitrust investigation of Google for mysterious reasons.

Courageous Wall Street Journal reporter Brody Mullins & team came up with an internal FTC staff report proving that the unanimous decision of the FTC’s political appointees not to prosecute Google for antitrust violations was expressly taken against the advice of the professional legal staff.  Mullins’ reporting called into question an entire series of decisions by the U.S. Government not to look too hard at Google’s high handed business practices or its monopoly behaviors.  The Wall Street Journal team put that story in context by publishing another expose of Google’s influence peddling in Washington.

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