@zoecello’s Royalties Give the Lie to Daniel Ek’s “Greedy Middlemen” Rant

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Sony Contract Leak: The Bright and Shiny Object

Regardless of who you believe actually leaked Spotify’s contract with Sony Music, Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek certainly is trying to capitalize on the leak.  (“Spotify CEO says middlemen gobble cash“)  It sounds like this is just another indication of how badly a defiant Spotify has broken trust with its label “partners” and their artists.

The spin from Mr. Ek is that he wants you to believe that the reason that artists think Spotify’s royalties are low is not because of Spotify, it’s because of the greedy major labels.  More accurately–with the benefit of the contract leak–any label that has MFN treatment with Sony Music.  (Because if you’re leaking contracts, you can’t really leak all the contracts, but you don’t need to if you can leak a single MFN contract from which terms can be extrapolated due to the MFN treatment.)  …

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