Must Read: Austin Music Census

The Austin Music Office and Economic Development Department of the City of Austin commissioned the Austin Music Census that was released this week to a standing ovation at a standing room only meeting of the Austin Music Commission:

Coverage of the Census in Texas Monthly suggests that the “middle class musician” is mostly a myth:

“Musicians often get paid less—or, at best, the same—as they’d make ten years ago. In the tech industry, if wages in 2015 were the same as wages in 2005, it’d be awfully hard to keep coders.”

The Census garnered a supportive post from the editorial board of the Austin-American Statesman (“Austin Music Census finds city at tipping point as Live Music Capital”):

Less talked about are the struggles local musicians, venues and other industry professionals endure in a city with an ever-growing affordability problem. The Austin Music Census released this week is the first comprehensive attempt to quantify what the industry is up against.

The city-commissioned report, presented during the Austin Music Commission meeting, shows what many have long suspected: Local musicians and music venue owners are finding it more difficult to live and do business in a city that is increasingly becoming unaffordable for middle- and lower-income workers [like San Francisco].

You can read the study at the ATX Music site.