What’s Next for Daniel Ek? Wherever he is, he’s not in Kansas anymore.

Spotify is in the Advertising Business First… and the Music Business Maybe…

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After pulling out all the stops in the smear campaign against Apple, the Spotify/Google juggernaut got a pause this week courtesy of @taylorswift13.  Mr. Ek–and potentially the entire ad-supported business model touted by The Man 2.0–may need some help.  You know, buy a vowel, phone a friend–just not one named Sean or Larry. Courtesy of Complete Music Update, a summary of indie label reaction:

Helen Smith of pan-European labels group IMPALA: “This is a great precedent in any sector on the benefits of working together and taking a stance to achieve a fair result. With 80% of all new releases produced by independent labels, this is also a great result for Apple. Their launch will now incorporate the very music that makes an online service attractive to music fans. The involvement of Merlin is vital considering its fundamental role in strengthening the independent sector. IMPALA has repeatedly called on…

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