Technology Apologist Complex : Steven Johnson Strikes Again | Jonathan Taplin @ Medium

This week’s apology episode from Johnson is entitled The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t — and its one of the most brain dead pieces that the New York Times Magazine has ever published. I’m shocked the Public Editor has not already taken Johnson to task. I won’t go into all the details because David Newhoff has already destroyed most of Johnson’s argument that the Internet monopolies have actually been a boon to the average artist. This is total nonsense as this chart shows.


One thought on “Technology Apologist Complex : Steven Johnson Strikes Again | Jonathan Taplin @ Medium

  1. I sent an email to the editor indicating the low level of journalistic integrity presented in that article. I suggested if they wish to show any integrity at this point that they present a rebuttal written by a musicians’ rights expert like David Lowery or Chris Castle. Whether they do or not will determine if I decide to cancel my long held paid subscription. If I wanted that kind of nonsensical propaganda presented as “news” I could find that from multiple sources for free.

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